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755-757 Green presents a unique opportunity for residents to experience San Francisco’s glamorous past in a picture-perfect neighborhood that attracts tourists from around the world. Here in North Beach, lively streets are decorated with cozy al fresco cafes, buzzing nightclubs, famous pubs and many delicious restaurants. Plenty of chic shopping, diverse culture, unique art, and delicious food abound in our neighborhood, providing exciting and endless opportunities. Public transportation is conveniently close, bringing the entire city within arm’s reach.
North Beach might be described as the soul of San Francisco, with its rich historic culture, and warm Italian community.
The possibilities are endless in this lively neighborhood! Visit City Lights for a good read and stop by Café Trieste for a latte.  Enjoy a day in the park at Washington Square Park and then head to dinner at Original Joes.  Many tourists and locals alike enjoy sightseeing famous landmarks such as Coit Tower, St. Francis of Assisi Church, and the Beat Museum.
You don’t need to venture far to discover all of San Francisco’s charm. At 755-757 Green, the city waits just outside your door.We invite you to take a stroll around our neighborhood and see for yourself.